Best Beach Vacation in Washington State

For Families with Young Children

Ocean Shores, WA

Looking for a Washington State trip you can take with your kids that’s beachfront, sandy, and minimizes travel stress? Ocean Shores offers everything you need to have the simplest family vacation possible. We love to travel with our 3 kids, but it can be exhausting. Typically, by the time our trip is over we need a vacation from our vacation. Last year, we decided to book a last-minute trip to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We were lucky to find Snuggler’s Cove, a collection of beachfront AirBNBs. A light Seabreeze greeted us upon arrival at the Beach House in Ocean Shores, WA. The home offers two units; we stayed in the lower level, the Shore Bird Condo, which has two bedrooms. The kids’ room had a bunk bed and a single, so all 3 of our kids could sleep comfortably. In fact, more than comfortably. The bunk bed ended up being an unexpected bedtime motivator.

The Shore Bird Condo is beachfront, located just a short, (I mean 100ft path short) walk to the beach. This means that when you leave to head to the beach you don’t need to pack EVERYTHING in your entertainment arsenal. The walk back is so fast potty breaks and drink refills were a breeze. The suites are also located on the calmer side of the Ocean Shores beachfront, Agate Beach. Unlike the highly populated tourist area, there are no vehicles allowed on this portion of the beach, and you don’t have to worry about getting on the sand early to get a good spot.

We packed quick meals, spent most of the day on the beach, and enjoyed early bedtimes. The perfect family beach vacation.


Beach Access

This property has a short 100ft path directly from the front door to the beach.


We had a Wifi connection most of the time, heavy users may want to bring a back-up option. 

Pet Friendly

Want to bring Fido? Pets are allowed! Contact Snuggler’s Cove for more details on deposit requirements.


This property has a short 100ft path directly from the front door to the beach.


The Master bedroom has 1 Queen Bed and the 2nd bedroom features a bunk bed and 1 single bed.


Free Parking



Tip #1

A beach tent is a great option if your kids still take naps, and it also provides a protective area to store food and water with minimal sand contamination.

Tip #2

While staying in AirBNBs we always bring foil to protect the pan during quick meals. It makes cleaning up so much easier. Almost everything we pack is pre-cooked so we just heat it up and it’s ready to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the sleeping situation for toddlers?

All of the beds are at or around standard height off the floor. We set up our youngest son’s (1.5 years) bedding directly on the floor and he was fine. The other two, ages 6 and 2.5 were more than happy to stay in the bunk bed. We have no rollover issues but if you’re kids still use bumpers I would recommend bringing them along just in case. 

Is it Windy? High Surf?

Ocean Shores does typically get enough wind to fly kites. While we went the wind was fairly mild but we did get some kites in the air. We brought a pop-up beach tent for wind and sun protection, but while we were there the winds were pretty mild. 

Because this part of the beach is on an inlet the surf is typically quite a bit calmer than other parts of the beach. 

We recommend checking the Ocean Shores Surf Forecast if you have any concerns. 


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