Best Seattle fishing Charter

Fresh Salmon in the City

Puget Sound, WA

I was surprised with a trip on Best Seattle Fishing Charter for my birthday. It ended up being the most action-packed fishing trip we’ve ever been on. Our Captain was constantly navigating the boat to keep us in the action.  In the rare moments when someone wasn’t reeling in a Coho, our Captain taught us about everything from tips and tricks for catching salmon to cooking techniques and marinades. It was like a fishing MasterClass, only live, on the beautiful Puget Sound.

The charter boats can take six people, and since there were only two of us we were lucky enough to meet another nature-loving family on-board. We became quick Facebook friends and are grateful for the experience we shared with them. We definitely recommend the Best Seattle Fishing’s Puget Sound Charter for Pacific Northwest locals and tourists alike.



-Cleaning & Fileting Included

-Beautiful Sightseeing

-Expert Anglers (20+ Years Experience)

-Fishing Tips & Tricks

-Custom-Built Charter Boats

-Top Quality Line Tackle & Gear

-Large Deck Space with Enclosed Cabins

Tip #1

It’s easiest if you show up with your fishing license, but you can sign up on-board if you don’t have one.

Tip #2

Morning trips tend to get the most action, so if you are an early bird get there first!


Salmon Trips Currently Vary from $225-$250 per person.

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Is it kid-friendly?

Their website says that all ages are welcome. It is important to keep in mind that bathroom access is extremely limited and in most cases, unavailable, and trips can last up to 6 hours. But many families have gone and given great reviews on their experience.

Can you bring food?

Space on board is limited but you can bring a lunch or snacks to put in the cooler provided. The website mentions that light snacks & beverages are also provided, but we brought our own.


You will leave your car at the marina. On the morning we went there was plenty of available public parking, but the restrooms were closed to members only.

Ready to go?

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Salmon fishing is seasonal…