We’re the smiths!

We are an active family of 5. Our kids have seemingly endless energy and we are always looking for fun ways to burn it. We eat a lot of seafood and dino nuggets. We love hiking, sports, and nature. 


AKA: mom

Age: old enough

Occupation: playing on her computer, in-home hr

Hobbies: Adobe, starting craft projects, shoe shopping, hiking, soccer

Specialties: Creative, Can run on 3 hours sleep, gets oil out of almost anything

Favorite Fuel: Crab & Oysters

Mother of Ideas

A background in design and marketing means mom is always ready with storytelling ideas; & can sell her kids on most activities. She could really use more yoga in her life, but is mostly fun to hang out with.


AKA: dad

Age: Gettin up there

Occupation: Property Management

Hobbies: Cooking, football, dancing, organizing everything.

Specialties: Not sleeping, can fix anything with a YouTube video, extremely tidy, wins at all sports.

Favorite Fuel: Popcorn

The Captain

Quenten leads the Team as the master of preparation. His intricate organization skills mean the family is never scrambling to find anything, unless someone else put it away. He frequently teeters the boundaries between Dapper Dad and Handyman Hunk. Carhartt’s one day, a suit the next, with Quenten you never quite know what to expect.   


AKA: Bruddah, Mari

Age: 3

Occupation: Dinosaur Trainer

Hobbies: Dinosaurs, Trucks, Break Dancing.

Specialties: Good hugs, Always on his toes, caring, likes clean hands.

Favorite Fuel: Pizza

Expert Unboxer

Amari’s meticulous attention to detail and enthusiastic descriptions make him the kind of unboxer brand dreams are made of. Unless the box is large, in which case it won’t matter what’s inside (he’ll just want the box).


Pronounced: Tah-Lay-Yah

Age: 6

Occupation: Princess Astronaut Doctor

Hobbies: Science, Dancing, Rhyming, Coding, Racing

Specialties: Witty, great at pretending, can lift brothers

Favorite Fuel: Pad Thai

Mini Fashionista

Thaleia is a color enthusiast. She loves rainbows and isn’t afraid to mix a pattern or 5. She’s a friend to the camera and her super cool moves mean you’ll always get a variety of both great and incredibly weird poses. 


AKA: Kello

Age: 2

Occupation: Deconstructive Engineer

Hobbies: Testing New Scream Tones, Dancing, Swiping food from siblings, art, singing.

Specialties: Makes crayons appear out of thin air, toddler parkour artist, personal hype man. 

Favorite Fuel: Bananas

Natural Muralist

Kanelo’s free spirit inspires him to make art on any surface. From white countertops to cream couches, Kanelo sees the entire home as a blank canvas just itching to be covered in ink, crayon, pencil, paint, etc. He is the ultimate test subject for Clorox Magic Erasers.

Have an idea for something we should try? Let us know!

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